Assassin’s Creed Origins VR Maze at the Phi Centre

Tuesday night, a few guests were invited to test the Assassin’s Creed VR Maze, as part of the “Echo: reverberations in space” exhibition at Phi Centre. Partners, influencers, and fans of the game measured themselves to the mysteries of the Anubis Temple. This multi-sensory virtual reality adventure is a treat for the ears, the eyes and touch. Journalist Karim Benessaieh described the VR Maze as “the most striking virtual reality experience I’ve ever tried.” Many agreed this past Tuesday, in the cool and chic setting of the Phi Centre. With a glass in hand, the guests also experienced the entirety of VR exhibit “Echo: The Sound of Space” on display at the Centre until January 20.

A warm thank you to the Phi Centre and Triotech for this great collaboration.

You may also experience this extraordinary installation free until January 7 at the Phi Centre. Please note that the maze is restricted to adventurers ages 13 and over.