The Six Invitational teams celebrate Amélie Delaunay’s work

If the Six Invitational is a moment to celebrate Rainbow Six Siege players around the world, it’s also an opportunity for our teams to recognize yet another year of outdoing themselves, and to thank their colleagues. The commendations are tributes paid to people who distinguished themselves during their career on Siege. This year, one of these people is Amélie Delaunay.

Amélie started on her Ubisoft path in France in 2008 before joining the Rainbow Six Siege in Montréal in 2015. She’s been on the brand ever since. Over the years, she’s touched on numerous fields (operations, production, content management), but she’s always been guided by one desire: to give our players the best experience. On that topic, she was involved in developing the Player Behaviour cell, whose mission is to counter cheating and toxicity in game—an accomplishment she’s particularly proud of.

Amélie was surprised to receive this S.I.’s commendation, revealing:

I’m very touched, I wasn’t expecting it at all. It’s such a pleasure. I chose Siege when I arrived here, and I’m happy to see that Siege has chosen me in return.”

And the feeling is shared! The Player Experience Director also took the opportunity to thank her colleagues, who moved mountains to make this edition of Six possible:

“I tip my hat to the marketing and esports teams. I received the commendation this year, but they’re extremely strong candidates for next year!,” she says, laughing.

Thank you, Amélie, for your passion and dedication!