Ubisoft La Forge

Bridging the gap between research and production

Launched in Montreal, La Forge Laboratory accelerates research and development by collaborating with university research centres to encourage knowledge sharing at all levels, from basic to applied research. These collaborations between two distinct and complementary environments foster innovation in research.  Creating prototypes applied to the world of video games allows academics to test the potential of their research, while allowing production teams to develop new technologies and expertise. The research topics are varied and cover subjects such as animation, artificial intelligence, audio engineering, animation, and physics.

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A commitment to innovation

This unit works toward accelerating R&D by linking the academic and industrial worlds through creating prototypes. Through this approach, Ubisoft La Forge seeks to validate knowledge while testing the value of technological innovations, thus bridging the gap between academic research and industry, between theory and practice.

A collaborative space

Ubisoft La Forge puts together a team of employees and academics and asks them to develop a prototype within a few months. This team is housed in the Montreal studios, at the very heart of production and in constant and direct contact with the realities of the industry. Sharing knowledge between these experts from two distinct but highly complementary backgrounds triggers new ideas and innovative concepts.

Concrete results

The research topics are directly related to Ubisoft’s core business and technologies and can range from rendering, animation, artificial intelligence, audio, and physics to tools for understanding and managing player activity. Ultimately, the prototypes are implemented in production, and the knowledge acquired is shared with the academic community.

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