Our Engagements

Ubisoft Education

From elementary to university, Ubisoft Education aims to raise awareness among Quebec’s youth about the potential of science and technology, to develop their STEM skills, and to support them in their path toward a career in the jobs of the future.

Ubisoft Entrepreneurs

Ubisoft Entrepreneurs is an exclusive gateway to Ubisoft’s expertise and local and international networks, as well as to venture capital via the White Star Capital investment fund. The goal: accelerate the success of entrepreneurs in Quebec’s techno-creative industry by assisting them in their growth.

Ubisoft La Forge

Ubisoft La Forge is a prototyping space where ideas on technology, originating from a collaboration between university research and production teams, are brought to life.

Donations and sponsorships

Ubisoft Montreal is proud to support social and cultural organizations from Montreal.